Dreaming About a Source Start


Starting at the source of the Missouri River will entail getting to Brower’s Spring, which is at the top of Hell Roaring Canyon.  From the bottom of the canyon (left-center) the hike is seven miles in and seven out, over SNOW in April.  If Sawtelle Peak access road is plowed (doubtful) in April (right), the ski over is only a couple of miles along the Continental Divide, then down the canyon.  I see ski-mountaineering revisiting my life this spring.  Breaking out the 3-pin bindings!

live fast ~ paddle slow

4 thoughts on “Dreaming About a Source Start

  1. Janet, I will pray that whatever you decide (only you will know which is best for you) will be what it is meant to be for you and your journey. It will not be an easy start but you have experience that not every one has and you know your limitations…and how far to push the boundaries of those. Whatever you decide, you will have my support and encouragement. I’m hoping I can support you monetarily as well. I know every little bit will help you in this quest. Paddle planning on!

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