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lighthouseVillas The Lighthouse Lodge & Villas, Venice, LA


Pilottown Crew


Associated Branch Pilots. Thanks, Alan and Bear!
Associated Branch Pilots


Thoughts on support:  The skills, talents, and knowledge of individuals are unique and varied.  That is what makes the world go round.  Support does not always come in the form of money or gear.  Here are some very much appreciated supporters of my trek:

Norm Miller – LoveYourBigMuddy coach, offering his wise counsel and advice and valuable information regarding the trip. Not to mention my ski partner into the source.

Norm's expedition from St. Louis to Three Forks, MT, over the Rockies, and down to the Pacific Ocean took six months.
Norm’s expedition from St. Louis to Three Forks, MT, over the Rockies, and down to the Pacific Ocean took six months.

Missouri River Relief (MRR)http://www.riverrelief.org  My appreciation and devotion for this org began around 15 years ago.  It was love at first sight.  I want MRR to soar with eagles, which I think they already do :).

The Barge, during Clean Sweep 2011
The Barge, during Clean Sweep 2011

Coopers Landing River Port Marinahttp://www.cooperslanding.net/


Local Missouri Riverbillies, instrumental to my success. Thank you all, including those not shown here.   Homies copy

Bob Bellinghamwww.steadypaddling.com

Bob reluctantly, but graciously, sold his boat and gear to me at a “discount” greater than he first offered.  Thanks, Bob.


John T. Schneller, fellow Riverbilly and editor of The Columbia Missourian.  In the very beginning I contacted John in July and asked if he could make a story happen about my expedition.  I needed some press to help with potential sponsorship requests. He did so by sending a graduate student and photographer to Cooper’s Landing to do a story about me and Bob Bellingham.   Thanks John!


Charlotte Overby of Conservation Lands Foundation (CLF).  Charlotte is currently in Colorado but always beloved in our river community.  She is responsible for Missouri River Relief’s humble beginnings over a decade ago.

Rod Wellington of ZeroEmissionsExpedition is paddling the seven longest rivers on seven continents.  He will be the first Canadian paddler to accomplish this magnificent fete. He started at the source of the MORiv at Brower’s Spring, and paddled to the Gulf of Mexico, becoming the second person ever to accomplish this trip.  He gave me valuable insight as to what to expect from the source to the headwaters at Three Forks, a 298 mile stretch, and continues to help me in any way he can.


Dom Liboiron, a Canadian paddler starting in Canada and ending in New Orleans completed his canoeing this trip in honor of his uncle, Mitch Hamon who died too early of heart disease.  Dom shared with me some valuable advice, support and encouragement before and during my trip. He became the 2013 Canoe and Kayak Magazine’s Spirit of Adventure Award recipient.


Jim Karpowicz, co-founder of Missouri River Relief and employed by The Documentary Group.  In partnership with Tom Newcomb, camera man for CBS in STL and founder of Black Truck Pictures.  These two can be found making documentary videos for The Missouri Department of Conservation, among other things.  Big thanks for shooting a promo video for me on January 12.


Heidi Branaugh, our very own Missouri River events and party planner, orchestrated a Love Your Big Muddy Blues Benefit, which raised nearly $2,000.  Heidi was always out front in supporting the expedition on Facebook as well.  It’s the little “likes” and “comments” that help make things happen.

Maryellen Self has been a wonderful supporter and motivator with her consistent comments on this blog.  Thanks Maryellen for your positive believing and warm friendship.

My darling daughter, Haley Rose Moreland, who is my reality check, moral support, creative consultant, and vehicle shuttle crew.  Our drive to Montana was our first trip taken anywhere out of Missouri together. She was also an important member of my Gulf of Mexico support crew. She is always there when I need her.


Jeannie Kuntz, along with my daughter, Haley, was instrumental in the success of our adventure getting us to Montana originally. She was invaluable support for me all the way until I shoved off shore below Clark Canyon Dam on May 1, 2013.


Dave Bandy:  Invaluable keeper and feeder of the dog and cats.


Awesome Gulf Support Crew and moral support throughout: Haley Moreland, Mark Dierking, Denise Goforth, Jamie Stevenson, and Deb Miller


Thanks to everyone who donated money to help support LoveYourBigMuddy. I could not have done it without you all!

And, my deepest gratitude to every river angel that helped out with whatever it was they had to give.

Many thanks and much love, Janet