Let the adventure begin! I have arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

I arrived in Whitehorse yesterday, but nothing boring about the trip.

I will post here some of my Facebook “LoveYourBigMuddy Expedition” page posts because that is my main media for sharing.

Here we go…

I practiced packing in the kayak Tuesday morning. The foldable kayak is only 14′, three feet shorter than my other boat, Blue Moon. And, the owner who loaned it to me is a minimalist, of which i am NOT. I think i did pretty good for my practice run.

I made it in time to the airport for a burger before departure, but international search was cumbersome:

Air Canada would not let me on the plane b/c two minutes late because i was redirected through security for 3 ounces of water in my water bottle. I ‘missed’ my flight!! Let the adventure begin!! (I was actually quite ticked off!)

There’s my plane, six minutes past departure time, still sitting there, without me on it.

BUT THEN, as soon as i sat back down after photo-journaling the incident, they came and got me, something about couldn’t find my bags (4 of them, mind you!), and the plane had to be delayed. So, off i went, now quite polite, and slept all the way to Toronto. 

Whew! Close call. Must’ve been angels on the wings…

The whole flight scheduled took 19 hours, three flights: St. Louis to Toronto to Vancouver (eight-hour layover) to Whitehorse. The flights were all wonderful, but best of all was the last segment to Whitehorse:

The magic is beginning to swirl around the expedition. I was blessed with another perfect flight on Canada Air AND a port-side seat looking west. We flew RIGHT OVER Atlin Lake, Llewelyn Glacier, and the Atlin River which is my exit stream off Atlin Lake. Oh, the thrill was incredible!!! Kid in a candy shop! WOW!

Teresa Island and the wind-protected route (right side) up to the glacier (top and center). The town of Atlin is left of Teresa Island out of the photo.

The source i am headed to is Llewelyn Glacier in the upper center of the photo. SO AWESOME!

On Saturday i will get dropped off at Warren Bay, which is just out of the photo on the left side. I will paddle up the shoreline, through those little islands, then over to Llewelyn Inlet, there in the center. I’d like to camp there, and hike up the mile or two to the glacier if i can. Back down (i’ll actually be headed north) behind Teresa Island to the Atlin River where i will exit Atlin Lake.

Next Lake is Tagish, which was showing some signs of glacial waters.

Well, there’s a bit of ice, but it won’t last long with the gorgeous weather forecasted. Tagish Lake

I am camped now with a rental car and gathering the very lasy of my gear, trying not to accumulate too much. I picked up a new canister of Bear Spray, and a wool blend shirt for cold nights. I bought a burger and fries last night, YUM, and a Starbuck’s coffee this morning, YUM, after trying to get a shower in, but no darn hot water.

Feeling good now, at the library watching the river go by, Yukon River, that is, and squeezing in one last blog post. Earlier i sat by the river by camp and wrote this post:

The Great River Yukon making a couple twists and turns before presenting itself to the city of Whitehorse. Of course, there IS a paved path in a sweeping multi-mile loop up and down both sides of the river, with vista benches strategically placed, bicycles content to carry their happy riders, strollers with tiny passengers who are comforted by the babbling of their river sibling, dogs with swinging tails walking their obedient owners, joggers jogging, and walkers chatting.

Whitehorse is a hard-core river town in the middle of the Yukon wilderness. Life is ‘in’ the ‘outdoors’ (at least in the summer), as it should be. Strive to love what YOU do, inside and out, and do what you love.

Peace Out. Fasten your seat belts. We’re going on an adventure!!!

5 thoughts on “Let the adventure begin! I have arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

  1. Let the adventure begin indeed!!! How grand that you could take photos of your starting point. Your excitment is infectious! I’m ready; let’s go 🙂

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