Paddle for the Planet – SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Radio Show

Leslie Astin Kolovich, Stand Up Paddleboard Radio Show, interviewed me for a podcast yesterday, March 26, 2013.  This was my first semi-live interview.  Thank goodness Leslie is such a sweet warm-hearted woman.  She made it extremely easy to discuss my trip on, AND OFF, the air.  🙂

Here is her introduction from the show site, and a link to the page with podcast below:

This is Leslie Kolovich.  Joining me today is Janet Moreland an avid outdoor enthusiast who plans to paddle her kayak from the headwaters of the Missouri River in Montana to St. Louis Missouri.  Speaking with Janet I instantly felt her passion for the outdoors and for life.  She is fearless, she is happy, she is living her dreams.  She has been canoeing and kayaking since the early 1990s, and when she discovered the Missouri River ran just outside of her town she immediately was drawn to it.

Her goal with this 3.5 month adventure on the river is to bring awareness to children and to the communities that live along it’s banks of the importance of keeping it clean. She works closely with The Missouri River Relief Program  which education, and awareness are key efforts.  Janet tells us how she decided to take on such a large dream, by meeting a key person, (Dave Miller, the author of the book the Complete Paddler) in a local diner, who planted a seed of confidence, and then 7 years later it was watered by another key person, (Norm Miller from Montana) who helped her make the decision, that grew her desire, and the details started to just get figured out. She is now ready to go to Montana on April 14th to attempt to be the first woman to paddle solo this stretch of the Missouri River.  She is going to make it!

She was a non traditional student at the age of 56, and just last December graduated from the University of Missouri.  She hopes to be a middle school teacher in the fall.  With student teaching this past year the kids have been able to follow along with her preparations for this expedition. She wants the kids to know that their dreams can come true.  She also is using the trip as a social science  lab.  Boy will she ever have great stories, and firsthand knowledge of the historical, ecological importance of this river, which by the way is the 4th largest river in the world [when including the lower Mississippi River]!

Janet will be keeping a blog you can visit,

Her Motto:  Life is a journey. Live fast. Paddle slow.  We have some fun talking about this topic!

Janet, it was such an honor to talk with you today.  I know all those who hear this will be  inspire! ~Leslie

Scroll to the bottom of this linked page for the audio.

Enjoy the podcast now

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