My Expedition Sticker


My Daughter, Haley, helped me with a sticker design today.  I ordered 100 of them.  Let me know what you think.  Would you like one?  Should I make more?  How about a different design?  I would like to use these for a tiered giving donation reward.  Learning as I go…

live fast ~ paddle slow

5 thoughts on “My Expedition Sticker

  1. Still working out the logistics. Would like to throw a t-shirt into the tier system, float on the MO, camp on CA Island, VIP at a clean-up?, maybe a ride on the LaBarge. Have to talk to Roger and Barb first. 🙂 Work in progress. Thanks for your support, Ladies!!!

  2. Love the sticker… like Marellen think a color might enhance it… choice would be blue or a muddy brown 😉 And t-shirt also excellent.. might even have some with loveyourbigmuddy sponsor or similar. Go girl go… and love the fact that Haley is so supportive 🙂

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