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Efficiency is key

Getting a little nervous now, and must work efficiently.  Countdown 12 days, YIKES!  I am scheduled to substitute teach the next three days.  Then, off to St. Charles for the Missouri River Relief clean-up (arrive Fri-leave Sun), plus a crew meeting tonight at 6:30.  Next week I will be putting all the puzzle pieces together, practicing packing the boat, and hoping that I get called for a teaching interview which will, ideally, land me a job for the next school year.

On Saturday night, April 13, my daughter, Haley, and my niece and her family, Rene, Kyle, and Sam, and I will be attending the Dance Showcase at the Columbia Performing Arts Center.  My cousin, Jen Lee, teaches dancing there (she taught there when Haley was in Junior High) and puts together the grand finale of all the dance classes, the Showcase.  Also, several of my students will be performing that night, Lauren, Kaylin and Rachel.  They will be happy to see me there.  They are such great dancers!

Sunday send-off will be the next day at Cooper’s Landing, April 14, 10:00AM.  Wow!  Ya, I’m a little nervous.  Here is a list I composed between midnight and 2:00 AM last night.  I keep paper and pen bedside.  Every time I think of a little to-do item, I have to write it down, there are so many. These are just a few of the things that came to mind last night.  Oh, and add American flag for the boat onto that list.

Midnight To Do List-April 2, 2013

Midnight To Do List-April 2, 2013

I conducted a loosely traditional christening ceremony before dropping Blue Moon in the water for her first voyage with her new name.  This was last Sunday, March 31, and a fun time despite the fact I forgot my really cool christening script I found online. Technology prevailed and I was able to  access the first paragraph, which I had posted earlier in the week.  The rest was improvisation, and seemed perfectly acceptable to all present.

The, the flotilla had a most wonderful paddle under blue skies and mild temperatures.  My Eddyline Shasta truly is a dream boat.  Blue Moon, Sweet Dream.  We bonded.  Ya, we got this!


Blue Moon (next I have to apply the blog address, maybe today) handled tenderly by Joe Kellenberger and Michael Stacy.

Megan May setting up cameras for her Missourian video story.  She has been following me around getting footage.

Megan May setting up cameras for her Missourian video story.
She has been following me around getting footage.

Reading the script off my iPhone.

Reading the script off my iPhone.

First time in the water as "Blue Moon."

First time in the water as “Blue Moon.”

The christening cruise crew

The christening cruise crew, L-R: Amanda Faith and Theo, Alison Kellenberger, daughter Hannah, Janet Moreland, Joe Kellenberger and Talia, Michael Stacy, Jonathan Lauten


Tally, riding shotgun? With Joe.


Theo, first time on the river, with Amanda.

The Joseph M. LaBarge, Roger and Barbara Giles' vessel.

We met up with The Joseph M. LaBarge, Roger and Barbara Giles’ vessel, at Eagle Bluffs.



Wednesday evening, March 27, we had a wonderful heart-warming turn out for the Love Your Big Muddy Blues Benefit.  Many of the finest musicians in Columbia played Red Hot Blues that night.  Heidi Branaugh organized the event, with help from our committee, and things worked out beautifully.  $1600 was raised to help with my expenses, and for that I am enormously grateful.  Certainly, the evening was incredibly special and a memorable one for all.  Much love in our community shined forth that night.  And Shane Perrin, The Stand Up Guy, came to the event!  What a wonderful supporter and inspiration.  He planted a few seeds in my mind while visiting together!  😉

Talking about paddling rivers.  Fun stuff!

Talking with Shane Perrin about paddling rivers. Likin’ it!!

My daughter, Haley, will be part of my support for the first week or two.

My daughter, Haley, will be part of my support for the first week or two.

Johnny D'Agostino and Alan Loshbaugh

Johnny D’Agostino and Alan Loshbaugh, so great!

Band-Sax and Harp

L-R, Scott McCullough, Charley Waddill on drums,
Tony Lotven with sax in hand and Alan Loshbaugh

Charlie Brown Boogie Down Dance Contest

Charlie Brown Boogie Down Dance Contest

L-R, Dennis Ternamian, Charley Waddill and Jim Quisenberry

L-R, Dennis Ternamian, Charley Waddill and Jim Quisenberry

Dave and Band

L-R, Zed Zardov, Scott McCullough, Dave Bandy, Charley Waddill


And our most gracious and talented host, Heidi, announcing the raffle winners.

And our most gracious and talented host, Heidi, announcing the raffle winners.

Raffle items

Lovely raffle items donated by beautiful people.


Complimentary appetizers

Media interest has picked up, which I suppose is to be expected.  Ciera and Megan, journalism students at the University of Missouri, are working for the Columbia Missourian to get a story out soon.  Ciera is working on a written article and Megan is working on a corresponding video story.

Ciera started her story awhile back. Should publish soon.

Ciera started her story awhile back. Should publish soon.

Megan May getting shots for her video story.  Here, we applied the new name to the boat in the house since the temps outside were too cold.

Megan May getting shots for her video story. Here, we applied the new name to the boat in the house since the temps outside were too cold.

Loved talking with Elizabeth Labauch, who wrote a blog post about the expedition for Footprint Magazine.  Footprint Magazine is produced by Sustain Mizzou, an environmental student group at the University of Missouri.  Tina Casagrand does a great job of keeping the magazine vibrant.  Liz did a great piece from a somewhat different perspective.  You can read her article posted to the Media Coverage Page on this blog.

I met with Simon Rose and Rene on the KFRU Morning Meeting yesterday.  Be sure and check out the on-air interview, also posted on the Media Coverage Page at the top of my blog.


Right now I am waiting for Philip White to call.  He wants to interview me for The SUP magazine online.  Cool.  He also writes for Canoe and Kayak.  Doubly cool.

Just got off the phone with Philip.  Great friendly conversation.  I’ll keep you posted.

And finally, Leslie Kolovich and I did a podcast for her SUP radio show, Paddle for the Planet.  Most enjoyable conversation with her, on and off air.  Leslie is passionate for paddling AND the planet.  Check out our podcast interview in the Media Coverage drop down list.  And, check out her SUP Radio Show where she interviews, and supports, the paddling communities everywhere!


Leslie Astin Kolovich

Well, folks, got another blog post out here, didn’t I?  That wasn’t even on my ToDo list.  I will strive to keep you faithful followers updated during my trip.  I anticipate I will be very busy taking photos, videos, charging up the laptop, writing in my journal, paddling onward, and keeping my hands clean.  They don’t call it the Big Muddy for nothing, you know!

Feel free to suggest, inspire, encourage, and entertain by leaving a comment any time.  Always appreciated!  Cheers!

Life is a journey.  Live fast ~ Paddle slow

See You On The River…

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THIS is What I’m Talkin’ About!

What Missouri River Relief is talkin’ about.

And DOING!   See more here!

Gotta LOVE these guys!

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Having a Plan B is Probably a Good Idea.

My biggest dilemma knocked on my door today.

Here is my dilemma:  Now, I am very aware that I need to plan on a minimum of three months to paddle from Three Forks, Montana, Missouri River’s headwaters, to the Mississippi River (I have determined that starting at the source, Brower’s Spring, is no longer an option).  My plan is to shove off on May 1st this spring and arrive at the STL Arch by the end of July.  This will give me two weeks before I start teaching.  I need 90 days to paddle with confidence that I will reach my goal in the allotted time, and that is the smallest window of time I need.

School starts in mid-August.  Ideally, I will have a teaching job lined up before I leave, but I have no guarantees as of today.  My host teacher (for my student internship) is requesting me as her substitute teacher for February 2 and, yes, April 30.  “Umm, there is something I need to tell you, Mrs. Smith…about April 30…”  (I have been pretty low key and have not really talked much about my plan to paddle America’s longest river, one that meanders through our very own backyard, and one that is RICH in our nation’s history.  Our very own Missouri River that graces the very curriculum I will be teaching.)

So, as Mrs. Smith’s manner is, she had some good suggestions.  One, that I apply this week for substitute teaching next semester.  She also encouraged me to seriously seek out and consider long-term substituting at Jefferson Junior High, where I am teaching now.  Doing so is like throwing a big foot in the door so it does not close in front of me.  I have planned on long-term subbing after the first of the year.  I am just praying for a term that falls between January and the middle of April.  I would like to hit two birds with one stone, so to speak.  Have my cake and eat it, too.  Experience the best of both worlds.  You get it.

What if I get offered a job teaching until the end of the school year???  Without snow days the last day would fall on May 20, with snow days taken-May 29.  Working at this school would be a dream-come-true (any school in Columbia, actually).  This is my dilemma.  I am not going to not do this trip.  I eat, sleep, drink, and dream of this expedition daily.  Having a Plan B of some sort is definitely a good idea.  Just not sure what it is, yet.

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