I am buying Bob Bellingham’s Shasta and all his gear for $1800.

“Thank you, Bob, if you ever read this, as I am grateful that you accepted (not without a fair amount of ribbing) my much-reduced-offer from your original request.  I will conduct a proper ceremony for the rechristening and name change of the Barbara May, per our discussion at Cooper’s.  And, you can count on me drinking a beer in your honor regularly along the way.  Although, probably not as frequently as you were given the opportunity to knock one back on your journey.”  😉  Cheers!

I have posted my 1982 diesel VW Camper Van on eBay to, hopefully, get enough money to pay for the boat and gear.  And, I posted my Prijon Seayak ($1500 (obo)) on CraigsList and eBay with the hope I can get Rio Oso’s ACL surgery scheduled.

Rio Oso, my river bear.

5 thoughts on “Boat…CHECK!

  1. Awesome Janet! It is a beautiful boat. It is amazing to me how much gear one can pack in such a little boat But looking at the pictures of Bob at Cooper’s, it looks like you can fit alot!

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist! I’d really love to get an education webpage up on River Relief’s website by this winter… and need to link to your blog! But I need Steve and our web dudes help to do it… and they are very busy people!

      1. I love this: Oceans Project Georgia (OPG). The programme is all about helping youngsters broaden their minds, and develop themselves in which ever direction they want to go. In essence empowering young people to reach their full potential. Amen!

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