I am buying Bob Bellingham’s Shasta and all his gear for $1800.

“Thank you, Bob, if you ever read this, as I am grateful that you accepted (not without a fair amount of ribbing) my much-reduced-offer from your original request.  I will conduct a proper ceremony for the rechristening and name change of the Barbara May, per our discussion at Cooper’s.  And, you can count on me drinking a beer in your honor regularly along the way.  Although, probably not as frequently as you were given the opportunity to knock one back on your journey.”  😉  Cheers!

I have posted my 1982 diesel VW Camper Van on eBay to, hopefully, get enough money to pay for the boat and gear.  And, I posted my Prijon Seayak ($1500 (obo)) on CraigsList and eBay with the hope I can get Rio Oso’s ACL surgery scheduled.

Rio Oso, my river bear.

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5 thoughts on “Boat…CHECK!

  1. Nancy Drown

    Will you be taking your dog on your journey?

  2. Melanie Cheney

    Awesome Janet! It is a beautiful boat. It is amazing to me how much gear one can pack in such a little boat But looking at the pictures of Bob at Cooper’s, it looks like you can fit alot!

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist! I’d really love to get an education webpage up on River Relief’s website by this winter… and need to link to your blog! But I need Steve and our web dudes help to do it… and they are very busy people!

  3. Nancy, I cannot bring Rio with me. He is about 92 lbs. I’d love to, though. Would be nice to have a tiny dog along. That would be so fun!

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