A New Chapter Begins

I sold my 1982 diesel VW Vanagon pop-up camper today for much more than I could have wished for (eBay, where have you been all my life).  Thanks for all the good times, SloPoke!  Buyer and Seller both happy with the deal.  This money will help pay for the boat/gear and/or Rio’s surgery.  Who, by the way, is doing great, considering…

He loves the river, along with his sister, Sapphire…

It was a very good day.  The trek is coming into view more and more each day, especially now that I have a boat and much gear.   Special thanks to Michael Clark for allowing me to store the boat and gear at his place over the winter.  And, today is also the first official day of my early retirement from the University of Missouri.  Woo hoo!  Let the new chapter begin!!!

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