Dreaming of days, and nights, on the river

I lay here watching the lightning and listening to the thunder outside.  I have just put down Dave Miller’s “The Complete Paddler.”  I am trying to imagine laying in my bed on the banks of the river, in the midst of wilderness, perhaps a storm outside my tent, and wondering if I’ll be imagining this very night in which I’m dreaming of my 3-month trek down the Missouri River.  I am safe and warm and dry right now.  Will this be something I long for then, just as I am longing for the isolation and adventure now?  (photo by Norm Miller)

MR340-race from KC to STL is all about the River

This is a good interview with race sponsor Missouri American Water’s Kim Hudson this morning in St. Charles:

This event, with over 500 racers this year, is about “thinking about the River and focusing on how important it is to us.”


Another newsclip from KCTV5 KC

River racers battle water, sweltering heat – KCTV 5#.UBqKh_uRN-U.facebook.

Here is a local article from the Columbia Daily Tribune.  Again, it’s all about the river.  We love our Big Muddy!