MR340 photos courtesy of Dave Marner, a.k.a. Dave the River Slave

Dave Marner has very graciously given me permission to post his photos of the MR340 (Missouri River 340-mile race).  I have credited each photo to him per his request.  Thanks, Dave!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  They are an outstanding documentation of this very unique and extreme paddling race that began Tuesday July 31 at 7:00 AM in Kansas City, Missouri, and ended Friday  August 3 at 11:00 PM in St. Charles, Missouri.  Every racer is a rock star!

I speak for many giving special thanks to Missouri River Relief and all of the safety boats watching out for all of the racers’ lives.  And, kudos to all ground crews, race personnel, volunteers, and supporters, on the river or at home.  Good job.

MR340-race from KC to STL is all about the River

This is a good interview with race sponsor Missouri American Water’s Kim Hudson this morning in St. Charles:

This event, with over 500 racers this year, is about “thinking about the River and focusing on how important it is to us.”

Another newsclip from KCTV5 KC

River racers battle water, sweltering heat – KCTV 5#.UBqKh_uRN-U.facebook.

Here is a local article from the Columbia Daily Tribune.  Again, it’s all about the river.  We love our Big Muddy!

The point of no return

I accomplished two major milestones in my planning yesterday:  I mailed off my first of many sponsorship proposal letters (this one to Eddyline Kayaks-I hope they like it), and I announced the trip to my Facebook friends after two weeks of serious consideration, and numerous questions emailed to Norm Miller (thank you again, Norm).

It is almost a relief to commit to the project, and then announce it.  Once you announce your plan, doubts and worries transform into direction and details.  I have passed the point of no return.  Going for it is the only option.

Today, I feel great.  Not so much because of these two accomplishments, but more so because I am NOT racing in the MR340 race (340 miles from Kansas City to St. Charles) today, tomorrow, and the next day in triple digit heat.  Now THAT’s extreme paddling!

Live fast ~ paddle slow