The point of no return

I accomplished two major milestones in my planning yesterday:  I mailed off my first of many sponsorship proposal letters (this one to Eddyline Kayaks-I hope they like it), and I announced the trip to my Facebook friends after two weeks of serious consideration, and numerous questions emailed to Norm Miller (thank you again, Norm).

It is almost a relief to commit to the project, and then announce it.  Once you announce your plan, doubts and worries transform into direction and details.  I have passed the point of no return.  Going for it is the only option.

Today, I feel great.  Not so much because of these two accomplishments, but more so because I am NOT racing in the MR340 race (340 miles from Kansas City to St. Charles) today, tomorrow, and the next day in triple digit heat.  Now THAT’s extreme paddling!

Live fast ~ paddle slow

2 thoughts on “The point of no return

  1. Keep your head above water and you will do fine. It is going to be fun to watch your trip evolve from now until next May and then even a greater enjoyment will be shared by all who follow your journey down the great river. Glad I am a small part of it with you.

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