WordPress App on the Mississippi River

I am laying in my tent listening to the chirp chirp of the bird and the pitter patter of sprinkling rain on the fly. Rivertime. Oh, rivertime.

I have never had a schedule until now, now that I have a week left to reach the Gulf of Mexico. Friends and family are flying and driving in to accompany me by boat to the FINISH. Rain just gets in the way. HOWEVER, I am playing with my WordPress App because I have the time. How wonderful it will be to post to my blog from my tent in the rain on the Mississippi River! I claim this rain delay as an efficient use of time!

I just left Baton Rouge yesterday and I am making my way down ever so much closer to New Orleans, then Venice, where the pavement ends at Mile 10, then down further to Mile 0 at Grand Pass and finally, the final 12 miles to the Gulf of Mexico.

I do not know what photos of the Mississippi to post. As you can imagine, my quiver of photos is massive in size. I am not even sure I know how to post photos with this app, or even post, period. Perhaps, I should post one from every hundred miles. That’s about 11 photos. Or, only sunrises and sunsets. Maybe just great campsites, or river angels or special moments??? I will just wing it and pick some that I like. Let’s see what happens. Hope you enjoy ‘Janet’s Picks.’




















This is way too cool! Nice App, WordPress.

I hope to be back soon. Thanks again for your patience. As the end draws near, I hope this is just the beginning of something really beautiful. Peace out!

Do what you love, and love what you do!


(Well, this is the photo I accidentally deleted, instead of the duplicate. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get rid of that code. Too scared to mess with it. Still, a somewhat successful first attempt.)

15 thoughts on “WordPress App on the Mississippi River

  1. Amazed, awed, inspired…thanks, Janet…it has been such an honor and pleasure to actually meet you and also to paddle vicariously with you on this epic record-making adventure. Your journey has been not only on the river system that is so near and dear to your heart but your journey in life. When the fresh water meets the brackish, then the saltwater of the Gulf, you will be embarking on yet another beautiful part of your life’s journey. So blessed to have been a part of this one which I will forever cherish. Hoping we can always be river sisters. 🙂 Missouri is not so far from Ky…we will paddle together again, my friend. Paddle onward to the Gulf! Hugs & blessings, alway, Maryellen

  2. Paddle on with with the spirit of adventure. The ocean is not really the end of your journey, only a time to rest until the next exciting venture! Enjoy life to the limit and beyond!
    Your Wolf River Memphis paddling friend,
    Sandy Stacks

  3. Janet, it has been such a great joy to follow along on your journey! Your pics and posts have brought me back to the river I love and made me miss it soooo much. I wish I could be with you in person at the end but I know I will be with you in Spirit. Safe paddling!

    1. Yes, Andy, you will be with me in spirit. Thought about you and your incredible journey in the high waters of 2011 many times while paddling the Missouri. When is that book coming out? I hope to look at what you sent me when I get home. Cheers, Mate!

  4. Just seen the pic you posted of me,, dad,, davey,, and our dog Jed;-) awesome and thank you!! Praying for your safe trip..I’m going to continue to follow you and your amazing story..be safe!! Love always,, KAYLA,, LONNIE,, DAVEY,, AND JED!!

  5. Hi Janet! You are amazing and a true inspiration. As I look at your map I think to myself that anything is possible. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. Do you think that you will be able to adjust to living in doors again? I spent two weeks camping in the badlands. Entering the house at the end of the journey i felt alien and uncomfortable. I could no longer see the sky and felt very clausterphobic. And that was only two weeks. I hope you adjust and have many more adventures to share! Safe journeys my friend.

  6. So enjoying this trip with U via Blog & Facebook You are an inspiration to So Many!! U Rock!! THANK U… So look forward to Book / DVD/ T-Shirt and all other great Stuff!!

  7. Glad you are so close to the end. Loved your pictures! Hope someone has a doughnut for you when you get to the gulf!!!JoDean Joy from West Bend in South Dakota

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