Meeting on the MO River


River Relief held an executive staff meeting yesterday to discuss their upcoming “Friendraiser” event next month, and we all gathered on Roger & Barb Giles’ historic sternwheeler, the Joseph M. LaBarge (of whom Barb is a relative!).  Melanie invited me with the hope that we would have a chance to brainstorm expedition ambitions.

The Joseph M. LaBarge at Cooper’s Landing

Well, it may be too early to discuss details for the trek, particularly since River Relief is in the process of developing an extensive

Education Program for next year, hopefully, if they can acquire the support they need.

They also have a vision for a MO River Action Team program in which communities up and down the river can become Stream Team leaders in the sustainable stewardship of their own areas.  What a great idea!  River Relief is the ideal role “model.”  After eleven years of assisting stream teams throughout the Midwest, River Relief wants to focus on developing a secure base camp in mid-Missouri, building reliable and enduring relationships within our local communities.

What vision!!  Now, THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!  Exciting.

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