Students Getting Out There! I love it!

Our local Douglas High School students braving the cold weather to learn first hand about river stewardship and environmental responsibility.  You guys ROCK!  From Missouri River Relief’s FB page:

“A big thanks to Douglass High school students for braving the river with us today and their teacher John Reid for making it happen! We also enjoyed the company of some local “rotarians”, one of our new sponsors, a photo-journalism student, our faithful dog Sombra, and a couple sailing the Mighty Mo. in a canoe complete with a homemade sail! What a day! More photos to come soon hopefully.”

AND…Sioux City, Iowa, middle-school students contribute to, and learn about, environmental responsibility in their local watershed…

Three cheers to these outstanding and inspirational learners!  You guys ROCK!  That is soooo cool!

Check them out HERE!