SPOT Rocks

I applied to be a SPOT ambassador some time ago and received a response yesterday, December 19.  They have offered a pretty sweet deal, I think.

First company sponsorship (thanks SPOT)

Thank you, Liana, for not blowing me off.  You are my first “big company” sponsorship (if a promo deal can be considered a sponsorship).  I look forward to carrying your product on board.

Here is the message I received.  Just need to fill out the paperwork.   YES!

Hello Janet –

 Thank you for completing the SPOT Brand Ambassador Form.  We have thoroughly reviewed your request and responded to you as promptly as possible.  We feel you are offering a unique opportunity to showcase SPOT. Therefore, we are offering you an exclusive SPOT offer. Attached please find a form which will allow you to purchase a SPOT, plus one year of basic service and tracking for $99 (typically a $250 value).

 Once your form is completed, you will need to send it to Tom Babb via fax at 985.335.1790 or email to

 Liana Narcisse

Marketing Coordinator