Can You Spin Plates AND Dance? -Planning an Expedition

I am attempting to transition from to my new site. Please visit and follow my new blogsite for the 1Woman3GreatRivers Project. I will be launching at the Mississippi River’s source, Lake Itasca, MN, on or about May 25. And, well, you know the routine…I will try and post more blog entries this trip along with my Facebook posts.

Here is the start of yesterday’s post at Expedition Planning:

Change is Good. [Logo design by Jonathan Lauten]
Change is Good. [Logo design by Jonathan Lauten]
 Expedition planning and spinning plates have a lot in common. Both are overwhelming, both require diligence and focus, and both will reward you with success and accomplishment, despite the intermingling with falls, drops and crashes. A plate spinner is persistent and does not ‘bag it’ when plates fall and shatter. An adventurer does not ‘bag it’ when planning confronts obstacles. Nope. They get back on the path called “onward” and forge ahead, come hell or high water! [idiom meaning “no matter what”]

Decision is the key! Decide to take a risk, and pursue an adventure. Decide to spin the plates, and keep picking them up, try again, spin ‘em, drop ‘em, try and try and try again. DECISION spawns DESIRE. This is the dynamic duo one needs to accomplish grandiose goals, pursue the unattainable, and conquer the impossible! Yes, spin plates and dance at the same time…

Please follow along! I don’t want to lose you.

Best always, Janet


6 thoughts on “Can You Spin Plates AND Dance? -Planning an Expedition

  1. Sitting here with Jim and Bonnie and they told me about your expedition. Awesome!!! I plan to do more of that in the near future, too.

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