Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog.  I will be sharing with you my journey as I prepare to kayak down the Missouri River from its headwaters in Montana all the way down to St. Louis, Missouri.  I know, right?!  This will happen in May of 2013, if all goes well, which I expect it will.

Why do I feel like the trek is happening in just a few weeks?  Because there is SOOOOOOO much to do!  Happily, I have taken a huge step by creating my own blog!

I hope you will, with great patience, join me as the planning of this incomparable expedition unfolds, and as the dream turns to reality.

Paddle fast ~ live slow


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2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Nancy Drown

    This will have a very positive impact to a large amount of people, and Janet I know you, you are very passionate about your life, work, and spiritually. You are an inspiration to me. Keep up the great energy. You go girl.

  2. Thanks, Nancy. Life is good!

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