Always good to practice what you preach

Washington riverside education experience

Okay.  So, part of my expedition mission is to empower kids.  To persuade them that they can achieve goals that, at first glance, may not seem possible.  Ideally, they will learn how to put on an “I can do it” attitude despite circumstances that may cause them to want to give up.  They will look adversity in the eye and find solutions to keep moving forward.  Yes, that is my goal.  Of course, I need to practice what I preach, right?

Rio Oso – River Bear

Today, the challenge of this expedition reached a new dimension.  I know, already?  So, I just found out that my dog has a torn ACL in his right knee.  This calls for surgery that is rarely done for less than $1800.  How do I know?  He had his left ACL repaired last January.  After meds are prescribed, the procedure costs over $2000.  My poor Rio Oso.  And, woe is me.

Just so happens today is also my last full regular day in the University of Missouri Sustainability Office.  I will be starting my student teaching internship on Monday.  I decided, quite easily, that I would not work and student teach at the same time.  I want to give 100% to my students.  I want to devote my whole self to motivating them to love learning.

This is a non-paying internship.  However, generous scholarships from the College of Ed and student loan will pull me through the semester, and for that I am grateful.  My plan is to work part time from January through March, while earnestly pursuing a teaching job for the next school year, after which I will devote 100% to my expedition.  Of course, I will be contacting potential sponsors, pouring over maps, networking, cultivating my goals, and mapping out my course from here on out, as much as I can manage.

I decided to share the planning of this expedition on this blog.  Normally, I don’t care to seem complainy (I know, not a word, right?  I like it, though.) in public, but this will undoubtedly be the first of many challenges along the way.  I really do want to practice what I preach.  So, there you have it.  Let’s keep on movin’ on.  Solution-minded-always!

Oh, and any fundraising suggestions are very welcome.

Live fast ~ paddle slow

See you on the river (syotr)