The Third Great River Yukon

The Yukon River

The tides ebb and flow, the rivers rise and fall; the constant fluctuations of life necessitate thoughtful discretion and purposeful direction. The Great River Yukon is there. I am ready (kinda). Though the challenges of life remain steady, the time to paddle the Yukon is now. I welcome you to come dance with me down this free-flowing journey we’ll call adventure. 

Stay tuned. Departure May 24. Shouting out a huge thanks to David Lynch, whom I do not know, for recently donating $100 on my website, Your support will help me overcome my biggest hurdle, finances. You have inspired me. Now, MY desire is to INSPIRE.

Yukon River solo source-to-sea: Llewellyn Glacier, Atlin Lake, BC, to Emmonak on the Bering Sea, AK.

LOTS to do…

My craft for the Yukon. Well, partly. Klepper T-9 foldable kayak, made in the 60s. Thank you, Bill Nedermann xo
Mississippi’s grand exit into the Gulf of Mexico 2016


LoveYourBigMuddy Expedition 2013

9 thoughts on “The Third Great River Yukon

  1. We have followed you thus far, and will continue to keep abreast of your outings. Don’t know if this will be your toughest or easiest, but we would like to be right by your side with your post. Wishing you the best of luck, but we know that you can handle this. Love and hugs.

  2. Hey Janet Excited about this next adventure of yours. David lynch was an old river guide, friend, and a former roommate of Rics in sky hi. He had disappeared off the face of the earth for 30 years only to reappear in Big Water Bobs Village in Africa. Last year he ended up at our home for a visit with Ric. Ric mentioned your adventure and gave him your website info. ❤️Karen & Ric

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    1. OOOhhhhh! That’s awesome! I sent him a thank you note but not sure if his email is a main account. If the opportunity knocks, pass on my appreciation. And, thanks for mentioning my adventure. That is so cool he responded like that. Made a big impact. Cheers, dears!!

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