The Spirit of Adventure 2016

One never returns from an expedition the same. Your life changes, your perspective changes, your needs change, your desires change. The independence accrued from a solo paddle expedition will lead you to new heights and challenges. Life is too short for status quo. The vision, mission, and decision for something new and meaningful is ever present. And, recognizing the moment when the time is right to embark on a new adventure occupies one’s thoughts continuously. Of course I speak for myself, but maybe others, too.

The Yukon River beginning in British Columbia at Llewellyn Inlet (lower right) and ending in Alaska at the Bering Sea (left)

The first step in expedition planning is determining the feasibility of an adventure. Time, money, and physical needs must be evaluated prior to making the ultimate important “decision.” Once the decision factor shows shades of green, as in “go for it,” then the desire builds and the details are pursued with positive and enthusiastic fervor. Much like overcoming obstacles while immersed in a journey, the obstacles in planning are confronted with solution-minded and proactive action and determination. “Fake it ’til you make it.”

Blue Heron at sunset on the Missouri River near Columbia, MO, November 24, 2015

The journey is not over until the mission bears fruit. The goals of LoveYourBigMuddy Expedition included 1) empowering youth (women and men) to confidently pursue their dreams and desires 2) conducting effective education in the natural environment, which includes bringing the Missouri River [our world’s rivers?] into the classroom and the classroom out to the river[s] and 3) preparing the next generation for impactful stewardship of our nation’s [planet’s] waterways. Purposeful living embodies the spirit of adventure.  Stay tuned for further details…

See You On The River (syotr)

LoveYourBigMuddy Expedition 2013, paddling into Missouri on the Missouri River. Photo by Scott Mestrezat

2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Adventure 2016

  1. This is so inspiring!! U r so awesome!!!

    I am thinking about rafting down the missouri starting in montana in late fall early winter. Id this an ok time? What should i be aware of or prepared for?

    Thanks ahead4 the help

    And sending good vibrations and positivity to you on your adventures!

    Peace n love
    Free Will

    1. Don’t go in the winter, which starts mid-October. Days are short, temps are low, and weather can be severe. For the Missouri starting in Montana? Late spring early summer is your best bet for a good safe paddle. I do not recommend rafting any time of the year. Just sayin’

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