Videos: The Bicycle Ride-Hell Roaring Creek and Clark Canyon Dam

Haley took this video as I began to prepare for the bicycle leg of this journey.

This video was taken the third day on the last stretch, Highway 15, before arriving at Clark Canyon Dam. The weather bureau had forecasted high wind warnings. I decided to try and see how far I could get. No problem!
(I will have to get some of her videos from days one and two. I can’t seem to find any. The scenery was spectacular.)

And finally, riding over Clark Canyon Dam to end the bicycling leg of the expedition, 100 miles total. My support girls were awesome the entire trip. I sure miss you, Haley and Jeannie!

One thought on “Videos: The Bicycle Ride-Hell Roaring Creek and Clark Canyon Dam

  1. Been meaning to ask about your sprained wrist…hope it has returned to normal…so glad you have a Swift paddle. 🙂 Love these videos! Your support team was awesome! I noticed you were moving along really fast and the wind was moving as well!

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