GoFundMe Page is Up and Running

Dear Friends,

Please help support my expedition.  I appreciate your slightest consideration. Visit my GoFundMe page.  Spread the Word.

Giant-sized “Thank You” to all of those who support this expedition.  These photos were taken by Dennis Dye:

DinnisDye_1 DennisDye_5

And this one was taken by a fisherman waiting to put his boat in the water:

L-R: My daughter Haley, Jim, me, and Tom.
L-R: My daughter Haley, Jim, me, and Tom.

Thank you, Jim Karpowicz for producing such a sweet film, and thanks to Tom Newcomb of Black Truck Pictures for providing some really fancy equipment that raised the product quality.  And, for hanging out, without complaint, on a cold and blustery day on the River.  Really cold day on the River.

Warm regards,


4 thoughts on “GoFundMe Page is Up and Running

  1. You know I’m supporting you ALL the way, Janet! I love reading your posts and seeing your expedition plans coming to fruition. How can I view the film? Am I missing the link on this post or is it somewhere else?

  2. Good lucky on a great paddle. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to visit you before your trip. I’m 86 now and about 12 years ago I took my canoe down almost all of the moving water from 3 forks to the landing in Illinois. If you are looking for some one to shuddle your car, try the fire stations. Look out on the 4th of July and Labor day – jet boats and water skiers will swamp you Fort Peck Lake is very shallow at the upper end and the wind can generate some big waves.Ft. Benton to Hell’s Creek was the best section. I saw the mist from the river lay a coat of ice on the canoe one morning in July. Watch out for the beaver. I had one come out of it’s den on the river bank – over my canoe – and into the river with a big splash Keep a good log.

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