Donation Opportunities

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Thank you for your consideration.

All financial donations will directly contribute to the successful completion of my expedition, which will directly impact the success of my mission:

  • Empowering youth (and women) (and men) to pursue their hearts’ desire
  • Expanding Missouri River education inside and outside of the classroom
  • Engaging communities in environmental stewardship of the Missouri River

Below is a draft list, compiled before I left, of essential equipment and gear, food and travel costs, personal expenses at home, and trip incidentals, which I believe reflect a realistic cost estimate for my expedition.  Since I will be starting at the source at Brower’s Spring in Montana, I will leave Columbia, Missouri, on April 14th.  The trip will take approximately 6.5 months, not the 16 weeks I anticipated.


As you can see, fundraising is a necessary component of my planning and preparation.  Please consider donating from this page.  It is secure.

If you would like to consider donating gear, please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page.

I have developed my own personal tier level rewards for your thoughtful consideration. (Since I started my journey, I have decided that all financial donors will be acknowledged in my books.)  They are as follows:

1.  STL Arch                 $   10.00            Blog acknowledgement

2.  Confluence                  20.00           + Shout Out on Facebook

3.  Cooper’s Landing       50.00           + Expedition stickers

4.  The Lakes                  100.00           + Signed photo of your choice

5.  White Cliffs                 200.00           + Your name in 2014 *LYBM Expedition Calendar

6.  Three Forks              300.00          + Your name on 2014 *LYBM Source-to-Sea T-shirt

7.  Hell Roaring Creek    500.00         + Special acknowledgement in my book

8.  Brower’s Spring       1,000.00       + Presentation Engagement


Thank you for your support.

Your comments are always welcome.

To contact me directly, please email me any time at:

janet.ann.moreland [at] gmail[dot]com



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